Rider DJ da YUNFA

Please note: Usually the venue takes care of the technical requirements (It needs to be stated explicitly in the contract, and signed by me and you, if we have to organize this. (for additional cost.)

2 X TECHNICS TURNTABLE 1200 SL + ORTOFONE (when agreed vinyl is played)

2 X Pioneer CDJ 1000 or DDJ Console

DJM 600/800 Pioneer DJ mixer or later model

and sound system

The equipment needs to be in a DJ Booth or on a high table at working level while standing. I need to be able to see the dancefloor, and a free working space (no public access and placement of drinks, etc. in the booth/podium during performance). Furthermore some space next to the equipment is needed for placement of records, cd’s, etc. and there need to be some working light, to be able to find the right record :).

This is a basic set up, please get in touch for the applicable technical set up, and if you make any changes to the set up. Different technical conditions can make the performance impossible, if this is not discussed and agreed upon beforehand, the fee still is payable, even if the performance has to be cancelled.

When working with live musicians the technical setup is different, please get in touch.
Rider wYQT & other performance projects:

Please get in touch about this.